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LEEP! (Lower Extremity Endovascular Preservation) is a novel and ambitious limb salvage program that provides comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, advanced wound care strategies and multi-specialty collaboration to heal wounds, improve blood flow, prevent recurrence, and preserve limbs.

The LEEP! program for wound prevention and limb salvage specializes in treating patients with vascular disease or diabetes who are at high risk for foot and leg amputation. LEEP! coordinates an interdisciplinary team of vascular specialists, podiatrists, physical therapists, and other experts dedicated solely to healing wounds and preventing amputations in these patients. LEEP! aims to decrease amputation rates and optimize the chances to maintain functional limbs by providing comprehensive and advanced treatment alternatives to major limb amputation.

Our LEEP! program brings the vascular expertise in clinical management and diagnostic capabilities to the Long Term Care (LTC) patient’s bedside, which results in fewer missed doctor visits and therefore no delay of clinical care.

By integrating and educating patients, families, and facilities with regard to the services available bedside as well as through communication and prompt, appropriate diagnoses, our multidisciplinary approach fosters protocol-driven care involving a full complement of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities.  With the appropriate and successful treatment of these complex patients through LEEP!, many amputations can be prevented.

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